I know The Arc as the company which creates stunning architectural designs, including houses in my hometown. Can I use your services for interior design of my house?

Of course you can. And we can offer you such projects. Because home is the place where each of us finds peace and comfort. It’s not an easy task to develop a draft home. There are no little things. Everything is important: customer requirements, area’s features, design calculation, the choice of building materials, modern technologies.

The Arc is a very large company. Can I be sure that skilled professionals will work on my project, not trainees?

Our team always works at its best and realizes its full potential, which characterizes our specialists as competent and responsible professionals. Once you’ve entrusted us with your project, you receive creative and outstanding quality. If you doubt, we invite you to our office to make ensure.

What is the pre-stage work?

It is the stage when we clarify the customer’s requirements. On this stage we also determine and specify interior design and its functional features, the architectural concept is developed.